Come to the Saviour  

I am singing Your praises, Jesus.

By Tanja


Something profound was happening in my life

Something was touching the outskirts and the inner corners of my existence

I wouldn’t say I liked how I was feeling hurt

Feeling pain, like it was never-ending rain

I couldn’t find peace

I couldn’t find joy

I was looking everywhere

There was no comfort

No solace

There was pressure too weighty for me to bear

Too hard

I couldn’t contain it


Then I heard someone shouting on the top of their lungs

There is HELP!!!!!

Come to the refuge!

Come to the God who is a refuge for the oppressed

A loving community of believers are trusting in God!

You can trust in God.

They are singing their praises to the only One who can mend all their wounds!

Come to the Saviour!!


Psalms 9, Matthew 18:10-13


Thoughts for you:


Jesus told a parable about a shepherd who had a hundred sheep. In the parable, one of the sheep ran away, so the compassionate shepherd went looking out for that lost sheep. Jesus says that the shepherd rejoices and is so happy to find the lost sheep. If you are like a lost sheep today, ask Jesus into your heart. He is waiting for you to come home.




Heavenly Father,

Your name is holy,

God, You are holy.

Praying that;

Your kingdom is present and represented.

May Your will be done,

Have Your desire, Lord.

Here on earth as it is in heaven.






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