The Good Samaritan’s Heart

In a time of trouble, the Saviour is near. He can meet you, just as you are.

By Tanja


Is there room for You?

Oh, God is there room for You?

Do You cry?

Have you cried a river?


I know You came to Save.

I can call You Saviour.

You are my Saviour.


You came to rescue.

You came to find us as we are.


I need You.


Is there room in our heart?

Is there room in our lives?


God, there is so much that You notice.

Your eyes can see.

Your heart can feel.


You are a King who will welcome those without prestigious connections.


You’re not afraid to care for those who need you now!

Your heart is towards those without a place to call home.

You show mercy.


Reflections from Psalms 10


Thoughts for you:

God is like a Good Samaritan.[1] Jesus told a parable about a man who had been injured. Out of the characters in the story, only the Samaritan had the willingness to help in the situation. The Samaritan was the only one who showed mercy. Jesus told the man who was listening to Him that was the kind of compassion that was favoured. Do we treat people like they are valuable because they always are?


Psalms 10, Luke 10:30-37


Photo by Rémi Walle on Unsplash



Heavenly Father,

Your name is holy,

God, You are holy.

Praying that;

Your kingdom is present and represented.

May Your will be done,

Have Your desire, Lord.

Here on earth as it is in heaven.



[1] Robert L. Alden, Psalms, Everyday Bible commentary (Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2019).

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