When the Ship Sails On

Reflections on Psalms 36

By Tanja

 “How priceless is your unfailing love, O God!
    People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.” Psalms 36:7

Is something troubling your heart, and do you feel lost? You’re not far from the saving power of God. Come closer to Him now.

You can come to the Lord. Do you know that God is familiar with the way you are? He says, “I know how you are formed! I am aware of how many hairs are on your head!”

Photo by Tanja, Australia

More significant than a mother’s love for her child is God’s love for you. A mother is aware of her child’s actions, but God is aware of what is going on inside of your heart. When you fear, or when you are hurt, when you are in need, or when you cry! When you can’t stand on your two feet any longer, God holds you. 

Know that God is your refuge in the storm. Surely, you can trust in the Lord. You can trust in the Lord forever. You can anchor your life on the Lord. There are times when the seas of life rage. Like a ship sailing on, you can position yourself in the protection of the Lord and let God be your anchor. God is your eternal hope, and you can put your trust in Him.  

Photo by Artem Verbo on Unsplash

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