Find Words of Comfort

Read Psalms 37 By Tanja What are words of comfort for you? What helps you know God is in control and won't leave you? I know that we all need encouragement today, and we need hope for the future. Everyone has been through so much recently. It has been a lot, whether financially, physically, emotionally, … Continue reading Find Words of Comfort

Come to the Saviour  

I am singing Your praises, Jesus. By Tanja   Something profound was happening in my life Something was touching the outskirts and the inner corners of my existence I wouldn't say I liked how I was feeling hurt Feeling pain, like it was never-ending rain I couldn't find peace I couldn't find joy I was … Continue reading Come to the Saviour  

Majestic Lord               

The Lord is majestic. By Tanja   Creator, God You have created your people. When I look at the world The seas The land The wind blowing up in the sky and down where I stand I can think of You How wonderful You are How loving How wise How gentle How compassionate We need … Continue reading Majestic Lord