Majestic Lord               

The Lord is majestic.

By Tanja


Creator, God

You have created your people.

When I look at the world

The seas

The land

The wind blowing up in the sky and down where I stand

I can think of You

How wonderful You are

How loving

How wise

How gentle

How compassionate

We need to know You, God

That is how we can understand You

Who You truly are

How You truly feel

About our world

About us

We are human

That was Your idea

Your concept

Your plan

We belong to You

We are Yours

You like us

You love us

You desire that we make an effort to move close to You.

And I will

I desire You

I love You, God.

My Majestic Lord.

Psalms 8, Jonah 1:1-3


Thoughts for you:


Know that God has given you responsibilities to be a caretaker of what’s in your hands. Maybe when you were younger, you used to think more seriously about what God required of you or perhaps we should ask Him: “What is it that You want me to do?” Sometimes like Jonah in the Bible, we might want to run away from the requests that God gives us, like, “Go tell the people in Nineveh that I forgive them!” “What, no God, why me? Can’t you send someone else?”

So, are we? Are we doing the last thing that God asked us to do?

Let’s remember the majestic Saviour King we serve today, He is compassionate, He is kind. He is our healer. He loves us and we can put our trust in God today! Wherever you are come to Jesus in prayer and worship. Fall at the feet of your Maker. Let Jesus be the closest in your life right now!





Heavenly Father,

Your name is holy,

God, You are holy.

Praying that;

Your kingdom is present and represented.

May Your will be done,

Have Your desire, Lord.

Here on earth as it is in heaven.





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