I Love You, Lord (Psalms 18)

By Tanja


What made David praise and worship God in this instance of Psalms 18? ~ God fought his battle/s!


By Tanja (Tanja Writes)

He was sure that God was His rock, His shield and His refuge. God enabled David to be respected and esteemed by people when he least expected it. In Psalm 18, David describes God’s incredible actions of protection over David. David declared that He loved God. God meant so much to David that David was willing to sing God’s praise where-ever he went in the nations.


Has God met you in when you needed Him the most? When were you hungry, sick, alone or in trouble? Does He mean so much to you that you would declare your love for Him and sing about it to the whole world? Jesus is the friend that sticks closer than a brother. He is the strength, encouragement, life and hope that we need badly. Ask Jesus to make Himself known to you today. Find that He is worth singing all your praise over Him.



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