Prayers- Psalms 17

By Tanja


The Psalmist’s David was talking of difficult times in Psalms 17; he saw the injustice and the fiery attacks of his enemies. He wanted things to be fair, so he questions God. David was a man after God’s heart and was faithful to God. He tells God, “God, test me and find that I am faithful.” He was confident in his relationship with the Lord.

David fills his notes and scribbles down that He promises to pray to God. He wants to seek God. David requests that God show him amazing things, like, God’s radiant love. Will that surprise David? What is God truly like, did David know?

Do you know?

Would God say, “Hey, David, you are the apple of my eye?” David said, in Psalm 17 that he knew he would see God’s face in eternity, and that meant so much to him.

Dear Christian, you also are the apple of God’s eye. That means you carry worth in God’s eyes! He loves you! Take joy in always being close to the presence of God, both here and into eternity.


Photo by John Jennings on Unsplash

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