When the Heavens Give a Testimony (Psalms 19)

By Tanja


“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

Psalms 19:1

In the fairy tale of Cinderella, she runs out of the ball down the steps of the Castle, and one of her glass slippers falls off. The pretty shoe is left behind, and it is proof that she was the one who had danced with the starry-eyed prince. The prince goes out on a search to find His lost-princess, surely the shoe would match her foot.

Psalms 19 tells of the proof that God left when He had created the world- it says all creation would testify of the marvellous God who called forth its existence.

When Jesus, God’s own Son came into our world to tell us of who God was, He said He would not leave us alone. He left His Holy Spirit- The Holy Spirit tells us about who God is and testifies about Jesus.

As Christians, our lives also are a testimony of Jesus, we declare like the heavens, who God is. Your testimony is powerful. Share it today!


The pic was taken in the USA.

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