By Tanja


Keep praising, trusting in our God. He loves you. He is protecting you and holding you in the palm of His hands.


I think through this world pandemic, I am realising how much I need the people around me and appreciate the people I see every day. Sometimes I have felt that I am alone.


At the moment, it is evident, because of the world pandemic that many people are alone, literally.


Could we trust, though, that God will take care of us? I know I see God’s hand on my life, and that He provides the ‘connections’ that I need.


Being a human requires connection; we are made to be relational, and we need each other.


The more we are like Jesus. The more we want to be people who connect. Jesus is love.


With social distancing, I find out about myself, that I am used to getting close to people, hugging people, loving people and touching those in my life.


It makes me grateful to realise that I have been connecting with people all this time. Even when I thought, I wasn’t connecting like I wanted to.


I realise that God has provided the right people to be in my life. I have lived in many places in my lifetime. I remember, at one time, when I was in Tokyo, Japan, God provided a Christian friend in my workplace. I needed that friend at that time; together, we were able to encourage each other.


I can remember countless times when God has been the One who has provided the connections I’ve needed.


But, of course, the closest friend we can always have is Jesus. If this time is only a time where you must seek the Lord, then know that you will indeed find Him. Jesus will be the greatest treasure ever!


Sometimes it might seem hard only to have one option, but to seek the Lord; because we love our immediate human connections. But to seek the Lord is more significant, it is what our soul and spirit long for the most.


Better is one day in the house of the Lord than a thousand elsewhere!


“Better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.”

Psalm 84:10

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