When Birds Fly

By Tanja


If I was a bird who sings

If I had its wings

To fly to the highest mountain peaks


Nothing could touch me

Nor sway me

Nor keep me

No arrow could stop me


Would I still know that You created all things?

Would I still know that You provide always?


There would be no trouble believing

Since in my heart its clear


You’ve always been there

Oh, Ancient of Days

You provide a pretty coat of feathers for her, the little bird.


And for the daughters of Eve

And Sons

You care

You know every hair that belongs on their head.

Like a mother, You want to make sure they eat the finest foods.


Psalms 11, Matthew 10:29-31


Thoughts for you:


In a troubling time like this, God is still on His throne. He is King, and He is a good, compassionate and kind King. His heart breaks when we feel trouble. Never created for a fight as big as the current situation; God can give us His strength and hope to face the future.


Photo by Tanja



Lord, I pray that you will help people on the earth today who are crying out in despair. May You be the answer to our trouble. May you give us a brighter day yet!  Amen


Photo by Tanja

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