Closer to You

By Tanja


Why do You sometimes put darkness beside me?

I don’t want to be frightened.

I have no love for the face of agony.

I would rather be closer

To You -God.

To goodness

Closer to Your face

A little closer to heaven

Reaching to embrace You, God.


Psalms 6



Thoughts for You:


Do you sometimes ask: “How long, LORD, how long?” Just like the Psalmist David did, you might think something lasts too long. It has outlasted your ‘patience capacity.’ Bible commentator, Alden says that many times we let our “problems block” our “view of God”, but Psalm 6 confirms to us that God is the God of the impossible.[1] Could you believe today that God is so much more than our immediate circumstances? He is more magnificent, stop to ponder and ask who are you, God? Let Him show you today how great He is.




[1] Robert L. Alden, Psalms, Everyday Bible commentary (Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2019), 24.

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