Kindness Brought Me to You

By Tanja

I am so blessed that Your kindness brought me to You, God.
Your kindness is sheltering me.
Keep me close to You.
Let me live with You.
Let Your love stay forever.
Love stays.

Psalm 5, Romans 2:4

Thoughts For You:

Do you have any favourites things? Like “Sound of Music’s” ‘Raindrops on roses’? When you’re feeling sad; a song that encourages to remember those favourite things-as a cure. On hard days, remember that God thinks you are His beloved child. He loves you so much. What Psalms 5:12 says is that; “Surely; LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favour as with a shield.” May God give you His favour today and may you enjoy a close relationship with Him. The invitation that He gives you is to be His own.


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