Oh, the Love of a Saviour.

By Tanja



“No one is telling you off!” Jesus had let the woman know that he was offering her forgiveness. She was sitting next to the One who could forgive all sin.


The weight of her sin was an abyss. Her society dictated that she had to bear the heaviness of her sin. Throw stones at her!


How could people be condemning? Bigger sin versus smaller sin, the art of comparison. I mean what kind of righteousness did they think they had? They ended up being just the same as her, a soul needing a Saviour.


She sat next to Jesus, who was more than a teacher. Yet, he’d teach her that sin was sin regardless of whose name was on it. Jesus was more than a wise man. Jesus was love. Love. There was kindness, gentleness, patience, truth and hope in His presence.


To her, Jesus felt like a brother who was looking out for her.


Fear had gripped her when the Pharisees said they would throw stones at her for what she had done. She knew that by her culture, she could be facing death. The weight of condemnation haunted her.


Why had this man, Jesus freed her?


He had released her from a cultural obligation to die.


Hopeful thoughts filled her mind. The future awaited and she would be free, embrace with real life.


What could her life be now? Would there be a new family for her?  Children yet born to be a caring mother? Dreams to follow? Would she follow her Saviour, Jesus all her days?


She had seen what Jesus wrote in the dirt in her defence. To some respects, she thought Jesus was brave to do that, how courageous! Each letter had freed her and liberated her.

He touched her soul. Now He meant so much to her. He always would be so dear.


Oh, the love that touched her heart like a spectacular waterfall. It reached the deepest part of her. Oh, the love of a Saviour. For the rest of her days, she would savour this act of mercy.


Read this woman’s story in John 8:1-11



Feature image Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash


Photo by Tanja

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