By Tanja


“I have sinned against heaven and you. I am not worthy of being known as your son!” The son managed to mutter through the tears that streamed down his face. He was repentant.

The father held his son close and looked with compassion at his dear son who he much loved.

His son was here, once again:

The father thought:

I can’t deny what you’ve done, my son. To me, you have returned. You belong. I know you have been down in the dirt with the pigs all over you. You smell worse than a rubbish dump. My heart hurts at what you’ve experienced. You chose to take your inheritance hastily. My wealth – gone! No son should have lived as you lived. I feel disgraced. 

The father’s thoughts were heavy.

“My son has returned.” Father was breaking down. It was time to rejoice! It was time to celebrate.

The father’s thoughts were filling with excitement:

My son, you were as good as dead. But now, you are alive. My son, you were lost. You were in a mess. But now, look! You are back! You are here. I remember all the moments we had been apart. They were so painful! I would cry out in prayer; “Return! Oh, return!”

Now my prayer is answered, and I will celebrate! My son, you mean the world to me.

Today is the day you have returned.

His eyes lovingly rested on his son.

“I am going to celebrate your return! Oh, what joy fills my heart! Here, this ring is my gift to you, son. Everyone come now to the party! Fireworks! Music! Food! Drinks! Can you believe my son is back in my house? He has returned! Incredible! Oh, I want there to be dancing and singing! Could someone write a new song for this occasion?”


Read: Luke 15:11-32



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