By Tanja


I am standing in the spiritual battle.

I am facing enemies that seem gigantic.

I want to run because I think I’ll be afraid and fall.

But a Holy Voice says, “Take up your shield of faith. You are a brave soldier!”

I have the image of Christ.

It is no wonder that the enemy shatters and freaks.

The enemy of my soul tries to present lies.

Little lies.

Powerless lies.

Jesus paid the price to have me.

I am His.

I display His glory.

When it’s time to rest, I can do that.

He surrounds me with peace.

Protection is His promise.

I shouldn’t have to fear.

There is no place for that.

Jesus is my mighty hero who has rescued me from death.

He blesses me with favour.

I am His.

He is calling me to be brave.



Read Psalms 3 and Ephesians 6:10-18.

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