In a Whisper

Psalms 25

By Tanja

Who is that last person who has told you a secret? Your friend has turned to you and given you an insight that they don’t share with everyone. They inform you because you are their loyal and faithful friend.

In Psalms 25, David is coming before the Lord. He is bold to talk about his relationship with God and such things as sin. Could God have grace for him and could God guard his life?

David trusted in the Lord; he proclaimed that in his lifetime, He spoke it out to God- “God I put my trust in you!” Who do we trust? David didn’t want to live in shame or have his enemies defeat him- he trusted that God would help him. 

David also hoped in the Lord and proclaimed, “God, I put my hope in You!” He had a sound belief that God was his Saviour, the Saviour of his life and soul.

David asked God to remember him? “God, are you going to remember me?” He knew that the love that God had for him was profound, yet he continued asking. “Do you remember?” However, David didn’t want God to remember the “sins of his youth”.

I was thinking about how David was asking God to remember him, and I thought; “What about us?” Do we tell ourselves, hey, I’m I remembering the Lord? Do you remember to put God first above all things?

David talks about how God is so gracious and patient and how God is the one who makes him holy. David had been a man after God’s heart and had been close to the Lord; therefore, he would have come to know what was precious and dear to the Lord. Also, the importance of holiness to God.

God gives the humble guidance, and He teaches us about how to be holy people. God whispers what’s on His heart to those fear him. He can be like a best friend who tells the inside story.

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

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