When Psalms 22 Describes Jesus on the Cross

By Tanja

Jesus on the cross –

The ninth hour came by, while Jesus was hung on the cross.

From his lips and the depths of His heart He said;

“My God, my God, why have you left me?”


The horror

The separation

The pain

He was the Royal Son of God

He had always been one with the Father and Holy Spirit.

Always connected

Always in the loving relation

He was hence, 

Obedient to the Father’s will

To die for the sins of the world.

Even the people who were yet to be born 

They would know the price He paid for them.

He hung on the cross.

The dark clouds drew near Calvary.

Did He feel like a worm, not a man?

Did He feel like He was not heard, was it clear?

Mocking voices –

Suffocating Him 

Insulting Him.

People scorned Him, 

They despised Him.

Will God deliver?

He was poured out like water.

His bones were trembling the terror of death.

Hands pierced

Feet pierced

Hanging naked on a tree

Where is the heavenly Father?


The Suffering Servant

Who suffered for you and me

To pay the price

To give us eternal life forever.


By Tanja

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