Are You Still Thirsty? (Psalms 21)

By Tanja

God is a God of strength and power. Exalt the Lord and sing His praises.

The Lord Jesus gives us salvation; we need that for our souls. We will forever be spiritually thirsty if we don’t accept the living water that Jesus said He would give us. (John 4:13)

“Be exalted in Your strength, LORD; we will sing and praise Your might.” Psalms 21:13

It is time to come before the Lord and worship Him, in Spirit and in truth. Just like the woman at the well in John 4 was welcomed to do. Jesus told her about the true worshippers of God and how, with a step of faith, we could come to see who God truly is.

There was once a missionary kid I know who climbed a tree in a Shinto temple. He got in trouble by the temple priest for climbing the tree. To the boy, the tree looked like any tree to climb. The children love to climb all the beautiful trees. He did. 

The temple priest said, “Come down! You are climbing on a god!!!!!”

The little boy came down and said very innocently, matter-of-factly and with child-like faith.

“That tree is not a god! God is in heaven.”

When Jesus was sharing to the woman at the well about worshipping the heavenly Father, he said that worshipping God is not about what mountain you worship Him from, but He told her that she was talking with the living God as she was talking to Jesus. She had an encounter and an experience with Jesus. Jesus was (is) the Son of God and who reveals who God is to all of us.

Gold Coast, Australia, by Tanja

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