How Long?

By Tanja

How long am I waiting?

I prayed the other night.

How long?


While I’m waiting, what should I do?

Read a book?

Write a note?

Run for hours?

Say another prayer?


I ask You to show me who You are, again?

Who are You?




Father to the fatherless.

Hope giver.


You answer me by bringing Your presence.

I need to see You, Lord.

I am praying.

I am trusting.


Inspired by Psalms 13


How Long? Is a question that about three thousand years ago the Psalmist David asked. Maybe it is a question that you might ask today. How long will we wait for life to return to normal? How long until we can finally live again? While you are waiting, trust God. While you are waiting, seek God. You will find God.


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