With a Little Faith

By Tanja


The woman who got healed by Jesus could have come to Jesus feeling stressed and not knowing that Jesus indeed could be the answer to cure her sickness. She had seen too many doctors who hadn’t given her the answers. She probably sat at their office, and always received the same response. “We could try this, but……!”


Anyway, it seems like this time when the woman had come up to someone who could have the answers. She tried with all her last hopes, to hope that this would be her answer to healing. So, she touched Jesus’ cloak. It might not have been the acceptable thing to do.


But when she had the attention of Jesus, what was the outcome for her? He could have argued with her about touching Him; instead, He accepted her; Jesus embraced her. He told her what a good thing she had just done- she had come to Jesus with a step of faith.

She inconveniently interrupted Jesus’ mission to get to another sick person’s house. But Jesus showed her that she was valued, and He cared for her too.


The woman had opened up the whole truth about what her intentions were. Jesus was just so happy to see her and to see that she stepped out in faith. He was proud of her! Jesus wanted the best outcome for her!


“Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go now, in peace. Be released from what’s kept you unwell!”


It was like everything was going to be okay, because of her encounter with Jesus, and she had complete favour with Jesus.


Photo by Tanja



We have the friendship and the favour of Jesus. We have the assurance that He is with us, so let’s walk in faith; let’s share the hope of Jesus. Let’s walk like we know who we are with and reflect that to the people around us.


Read further in:

Mark 5:24-34

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