The Way

By Tanja


Near the Mountain of God, the road had clear signs for travellers, but a fellow named Soul needed clarity.


“Is it far? Do you know the directions?” The Soul asked.


“Are you lost?” The Christ-Follower wondered.


“I just heard He (God) lives nearby! I could stopover.”


“He’s waiting for you. God was already talking about the day you’d come to His House!”


The Soul. “Wow.” The Soul felt blown away. “Yeah.” After a moment’s thought, he continued, “Don’t I have to do something good? I can’t just be welcomed by God just like that, right?”


“Oh,” the Christ-Follower looked with sympathy to the Soul. “Didn’t you hear?”


“Hear? What?”


“He came to die the price for you to have a connection with the Heavenly Father! You just better hurry. The Son’s waiting, the Father’s waiting, the Holy Spirit can’t wait for you to join the celebration!”


“Which way?”


“Follow Jesus. He’s the Way.”


Inspired by Psalms 15


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