Daughter of Abraham

By Tanja


“Daughter of Abraham,” Jesus spoke to the woman who for 18 years had issues with a tormenting sickness. She had hated it, night and day she had been faced with this dread. She had asked, would she ever get better? But today, her Messiah had not only taken away the shame of her sickness, but He had stood up for her, been a voice for her.


No one had cared to look at her over the years, nor give her a friendly smile at all. She had been alone in her misery. In her opinion, no one knew her world. What did it feel like to be her? She wondered if anyone knew.


Today, she wondered why there existed a person who would stop to care about her. Why had He stopped? Why had He spoken healing into her life? All of this was a miracle to her. The fact that He noticed her. The reality that He had made her well. He had done that!  It hadn’t been any medicine she had taken. It hadn’t been a particular oil or a stone. His healing had been so pure, so gentle, yet so natural.


“Daughter of Abraham!” as Jesus spoke those words over her, there was further healing. It made her feel included, where for years she had been abandoned. Those words gave her wholeness. Touched her emotions. Why did He have the audacity to speak up for her as He did?


When Jesus said, “Daughter of Abraham,” it was like He had lifted her above her low status.  He was redeeming. He was healing.


She finally felt a part of her people group again.


She felt something more. What was it?

Something more magnificent than the hope of a new day arising. Something beautiful was birthed within her. Something powerful and redeeming. It was life itself.


Was He life itself? Something within her sensed that He was the truth, and He was the life. To her, that meant that He encompassed everything that life should be. Was real-life available from Him? Pure. True. Everlasting. Life.


Today, she had sensed a complete joy of healing in every sense. She was sure she had met the Creator of life and the one who was real-life. Jesus. He is her Lord!


Story found in Luke 13:10-17



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