Her Name Was Changed

By Tanja

God had promises for Abraham and (Sarai) to have offspring, but at this point, their hope was not coming true. Despite this, God kept on talking about the promise of a son and God continued to show Abraham and Sarai that He meant for them to be parents together.

“You are going to be a mother, Sarai.” God would say and remind the couple.

Hey, God is God, isn’t He? He could have provided the opportunity for the miracle, at any time. Their miracle did not occur immediately. Some time had passed, and for the couple, it seemed like literally, a space of eternity had passed. Not kidding.

In the meantime, Sarai had abhorred her situation, and she had irritable feelings towards Haggai, the mother of Ishmael. Jealous as ever.

Even though Sarai had had those rough moments and moments that would have made her look like she didn’t deserve anything favourable anymore, God had not forgotten Sarai, nor had He forgotten His promise for her and her husband.

God talked with Abraham and said that He hadn’t forgotten Sarai. “She’ll be the mother of your child, Abraham. Watch and see. Your baby will be born! Abraham, I’ll change her name. She is now Sarah.”

It was something so beautiful that God did for Sarah. He had remembered her. Sarah had done a lot of wrestling concerning her circumstances as she had lived through difficult situations. She had looked like she was a cruel woman with some of the reactions she made. With changing her name, He’d given her a fresh start and a new identity. Everything would be restored. New life was on the way. That day, hope was on the road for you and me because of her dreams coming true.

Sarah did laugh at the prospect of being a mother, and she giggled till her stomach ached. Despite her laughter and lack of complete belief that God was going to make her parenting dreams come true, her dreams would be a reality.

LRG_DSC01934Genesis 17:15 

God also said to Abraham, “As for Sarai your wife, you are no longer to call her Sarai; her name will be Sarah.”


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