The Gift of Christmas

By Tanja

Do you like receiving gifts? Do you like giving gifts?  It’s that time of the year again, Christmas. I love to receive gifts, but I also love to give gifts. Which is easier, to give or to receive?  Children love gifts too, I can remember a few moments in my childhood where I felt ‘picky’ as a gift receiver, because it wasn’t exactly the favourite toy I wanted. Despite feelings like this I always accepted gifts even if there were some disappointments. I could say that generally I was a happy gift receiver. I still am today! Relationships mean more to me than the actual gift. Gift giving is a sign of one of the love languages. (Read: Gary Chapman, “The Five Love Languages.”) I am all for being loved and being shown love. The greatest story of love that I know of is: The Father God sending His only Son into the world that all may have eternal life.

Just before the first Christmas ever, it was announced to a young woman in Israel, Mary, that she would have a baby. To Mary this could have been like a gift to her. She was chosen to be the one to bring the Saviour into the world. She considered herself blessed and felt that the Mighty One had done great things for her. (Luke 1:49) Indeed He did.

Jesus was born to Mary on that first Christmas. He would be the Saviour of the world. He was God who came to dwell with us and to reveal the Father God to all people. No one had seen God, but Jesus came to reveal God. The man Jesus, was with the Father God at the beginning of creation and for all time, so He knew what God was truly like, in fact He knew what it was like to be God, because He was God. Jesus was human, yet divine, and came to show us the true reality of God. We can see God through Jesus. Just think, not only has God made this world and everything that exists, but He also has walked on this earth we all live in.

Jesus is truly a gift for us, straight from heaven. He is ours if we are willing to receive Him. The reason He came was because the Father God loved us. He was a gift of love and still is today. It is your choice if you receive Jesus and His gift of eternal life. In my opinion it is gift too good to miss. Jesus is a gift, will you receive?

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