She Has Done a Beautiful Thing

Mary stood in her bedroom, facing her bed that had a beaded-lace cover. A window was over her bed, a glass panel open letting in the warm sunshine. She had a single white rose in a tall vase. She breathed in some fresh air and was grateful that she felt some relief. She had heard about Jesus of Nazareth for so long now and how He would forgive the sins of the people. Her hands grabbed the alabaster jar she treasured. She was careful not to let it slip from her hands. She was nervous and she kept imaging she had a fever. The tall alabaster jar contained perfume that was precious, as it was so valuable. Now to find Jesus and anoint Him with this, it was the least that she could do.

At Bethany:

She didn’t knock but let herself in. It was the home of Simon, Jesus was sitting there. She knew who He was, she walked straight to Him. Jesus’ eyes met hers with compassion. She had no words and there was no big warning to the actions that followed. She broke the jar that was so precious to her and poured it over His head. She started weeping and wiped Jesus feet with her hair and the perfume.

“Woman!” Jesus spoke with authority. Mary waited for what He would say. “Your sins are….forgiven.”

“What a waste!” Fumed men witnessing the scene.
“She could have helped the poor with the money made from the perfume!” Another man criticized. The ointment flowed down Jesus face and his neck. He was bathed in this special perfume!
“Let her be!” Jesus said to the men who were so furious they could strangle the woman.

Jesus looked through the special ‘bath’ Mary was giving Him, into her eyes. “She has done a beautiful thing to me!” Mary smiled, she was not feeling as nervous as she had before, she felt joyful and she felt His love.

Jesus then explained that He wouldn’t always be with them, but the poor would be. Also, that what Mary had done was like preparing Him for burial.

“I tell you, she will be remembered where ever the Gospel is preached. What she has done will be told in memory of her.”

Note: Read the story in Matthew 26:7-13, Luke 7:37-39, and Mark 14:3-9, this is a dramatized interpretation of the story.

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